Mark Bradford wins award for best new author 2019

Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford is an author of both fiction and nonfiction books, host of a top 5% global podcast, licensed UAV pilot, speaker, and full stack web developer.  Father of two and martini aficionado (those two things might not be related).

His latest fiction is a novella called The Devil’s in the Details and the award-winning The Sword and the Sunflower epic duet.

“I see things from a perspective most do not and then I create, build, augment, fix, distill and explain.”

Mark Bradford   

Books, talks, podcast…


The award-winning epic duet—The Sword and the Sunflower, now with prequel.


Nonfiction, self-help and personal productivity books.

Alchemy for Life™

A coaching system unlike any.  Includes a weekly podcast and book.

The Status Game™

The Status Game books and card game explain how all relationships connect.

Talks & Programs

Speaking, workshops and discussions.


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