The Sword and the Sunflower epic fiction fantasy sci-fi
  • Did you know you have three voices? Do you know that one can always be used to override another?
  • Do you know that one of the voices is also a sounding board that can not only help you (preparing for a speech, reviewing a discussion), but also can torment you if overused (that fight you had playing over and over in your head for seemingly ‘no reason’)?
  • Why is it so diffucult to teach a task that is ‘muscle memory’ for you? And how did it get there in the first place?
  • Why does your inner dialogue seem like it’s not exactly on your side of things?
  • What one invention connects the inner voice of strangers together resulting in conflict?

Three Voices – the three languages we use to communicatie with ourselves and others.

Advance Reviews

“I found this book to be written in such a compassionate and understanding way at no point did it feel condescending, I never felt like I was a child whilst reading through this as other books have sometimes left me feeling.”

“I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to read and review this book, it has definitely helped me and I will be referring back to it from now on…”

Your Second Voice is in use right now; it’s the one you are using to read this.

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